I am Omar Diab.

I create simple, effective tools that enable those around me to realize their goals.

Professional life

Looking forward,

I am not looking for new work opportunities or collaborations, but I might be in the future.

If you'd like to keep stay in contact, feel free to get in touch.

In retrospect,

At Clever, I built Clever Badges, enabling PreK-2nd grade students to use education apps in the classroom over 50 million times.

I also played a key role in deciding the company's frontend stack. I lead development on our React component library and design system to make our visual style consistent, and advocated and delivered tools like TypeScript into our workflow to make our code more reliable.

I co-founded Raha, a non-profit to make the value of a universal basic income tangible today.

I designed the frameworks and infrastructure for the entire technology stack, from our server and API to mobile application.

It's all designed to be reusable—for instance, the code that makes our API servers work, also produces API clients for our web and mobile apps. That saves us time and money, both because we never push code that misuses our API, but also because working on the app doesn't require understanding of the API.

I also wireframed, designed and implemented the UI and UX of the the app and website, besides the hand-drawn characters (thanks Tina!).


Foreign language and cultural immersion

I enjoy living in other countries for extended periods of time and picking up their languages.

I am living in Tokyo, a place I've always admired for its profound culture and superb urban character. I speak beginner-level Japanese. どうぞよろしく、頑張ります!

I lived in Shanghai last year, achieving upper-intermediate level Mandarin (HSK4-5). 我很高兴认识你。

I'm very rusty at Spanish and Levantine Arabic, as I haven't practiced them for a long time.

Urban design

I advocate for housing and transit development in the USA.

Living in San Francisco, attending SF Board of Supervisor hearings, and canvassing for political candidates made it clear: there are structural problems with how the Bay Area (and USA more broadly) decides when and how to build housing and infrastructure.

I generally align with the idea pushed by SFYIMBY and similar groups throughout the country, that the acute shortage of supply coupled with weak transportation infrastructure drives American housing prices up.

Any long-term strategy to reduce the cost of living in major American economic centers will require large amounts of new housing and transport; but I am worried, however, that the lack of political will to produce that infrastructure will make the exclusion of people from existing major cities, and the production of new ones, a more likely scenario.

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to chat about it.

Electronic music

I love DJing house and techno music.

I haven't been active as of late, but my mixes run a broad variety of styles from smooth, soulful vibes to minimal, tech-house and euphoric trance. My mixing style tends to be smooth, seamless, harmonic mixes.

I've taken a recent interest in mobile DJing, with just a tablet and portable speakers. It's a great deal of fun!

I also produce my own tunes.

It's been a while since I've been active, but I feel good about this remix of Andy McKee and this simple chiptunesey house song I made a while back.